Friday, July 6, 2007

dreamy live earth band of Antarctica researchers

Well all musical interests aside nothing could possibley be cooler (probably a well worn joke by now) than a Live Earth Band consisting of researchers from the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station. Their name is Nunatak and they are a house band made up of scientists that already reside in Antarctica (well its not like they can actually get out this time of year, guess plenty of time to practice). Nunatak will be live via the Internet for Live Earth...Awesome!

look at band practice: you know you need lights when it is eternal night right now. Way goth.

Here is the prievew video:

oh yeah and band members ...Looking for publications right now. I mean they might be able to play the fiddle but im ready to check out the data.
Nunatak band members are:

Matt Balmer - Electronics Engineer - Singer, Guitar
Tris Thorne - Communications Engineer - Fiddle
Ali (Alison) Massey - Marine Biologist - Saxophone
Rob Webster - Meteorologist - Drums
Roger Stilwell - Field General Assistant (polar guide) - Bass

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