Saturday, August 11, 2007

The R*O*Y*G*B*I*V of Google

IIts relaxing to Google concepts like serenity and see what the top image hits are for such a meaning-laden word. Googling emotions can show us the possible top 18 flash cards to show an alien species what we mean when we say humans are angry, sad, happy, etc. This is of course not a new thought and surely some articles have been written on the subject, which I am joyfully ignorant of. Today I found a nice google-goggle, the top hit images of our visible light spectrum. Good ole ROY G. BIV. They make nice compositions and will likely change as the general consensus of what these colors actually look like changes.








of course all chaos breaks looks if you think of the color wheel, not ROY. Then we would have to worry about red-orange vs orange-red (one of many color worries).



Seems pretty obvious that we understand Orange-Red as a color much better than Red-Orange.

And then there is the color purple...always tricky. People prefer less 1980s names for the color like wine because you just cant escape the truth about the color. Look at our collective concept of the color purple!

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