Sunday, December 1, 2013

From the Radio Archives: Resonance104.4fm interview December 10th

photo: Jon Wozencroft/Touch
Mike Harding interviews Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon about insect harmonics. Part of the Long Wave radio series, these Begonia Society members will be included in Long Wave 10, on December 10, 2012 at 10.30pm in London (530 New York) . Dont miss it!

Long Wave is broadcast on resonance104.4fm

Track listing of the Interview and Music:

1. Backing music behind Irene Moon: Organ, electronics and insects (flies and cockroaches)

2. Darker Florida (Irene Moon and Pax Titania) - For the Cat People
from the album: History of Darker Florida vol. i. [tin cans and twine, cassette, 2008]
instrumentation: Piano, electronics and insects

3. Graeme Revell: The Insect Musicians - Invaders of the Heart

4. Treehopper courtship sounds from Reginald B. Cocroft (

5. Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon - Fly me to the Blossom
from the album SUPLICO [Gods of Tundra, cassette, 2000]
instrumentation: Organ and crickets.

6. Mika Vainio - Outside the Circle of Fire | Hazard - Debugged
From the album Star Switch On [Touch, CD, 2002]. "The artists were commissioned to use the wildlife recordings of Chris Watson published on Stepping Into The Dark and Outside The Circle Of Fire as source material."

7. Insect Collage - Ants, wasps and other insects...
featuring recordings by Mike Harding, Tom Lawrence & Jana Winderen