Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From the Radio Archives: Insect Corner on DO or DIY

Irene Moon and friends with Insect Corner on WFMU in 2009 featured on DO or DIY hosted by People Like Us. Below are the links to the archives right to the insect corner selections (not in any particular order)!

1. Pat and Ellen. A rebroadcast of Questions from Pat and Ellen about Spider Mites.

2. Leafhoppers and Frass

3. Insect Diversity

4. Heinz tells tales of New Jersey Insects

5. Heinz tells tales of WWII insects

6. Introduction to Insects from Curator Bill with a Social Insect Focus

7. Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen fill in for Ken: Insect Corner Branches out on the Phylogenetic Tree with Tapeworms.

The podcasts use the WFMU popup flash audio player...