Monday, February 18, 2008

Radio station for the alligators

The strip of highway 75 between Miami and Naples that runs through the everglades is lovingly called Alligator Alley. The highway has many wonderful overlooks, an educational rest stop and its very own radio station. Everglades Radio Network runs educational snippits and weather warnings and information. You can also listen to ERN 98.7 WFLP-LP and FM 107.9 WFLU-LP while in Alligator Alley or via their website.

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Not much here to spin tunes for but the alligators are rockin!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An entertaining snippit

Some segments from a recent Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon lecture that was presented at Florida Atlantic university as part of the southXeast exhibition.

Many thanks to the Prelinger Archives for placing such lovely old video online for non-commercial use. They supplied the film of the ootheca hatching in slow motion. Was from a film called "goodby mr. roach" created by the Clemson College Extension Agency in 1959.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Participation in a search cliché

So boy this has been done many times. Found a search for racehorse names once for dirty words and lots of interest in pop culture. Registered racehorse names are easily searched from the Jocky Club International Web site. Really all started when it occurred to me that Fire Wall would be an excellent racehorse name than well it became something akin to looking for ones name printed on a coffee mug at Hallmarks.

Could this be Fire Wall?

Computer associated racehorse names:
Interlink (2000)
Internet (1995)
Interpretation (2003)
Apache (2006)
Fire Wall (ARG) (P)
Googleized (2004)
Google Me (2007)
Yahoo (2000)
Server (2005)
Perl Whirl (2004)
Web (2002)
World Wide Web (2005)
Code (2000)
Hacker (1994)

And some other good ones:
Phylogeny (1998)
Habitus (GB) (1974)
Morph (2001)
=Biologie (P)
Biologist (2007)

Friday, January 4, 2008

grass people that are not scarecrows

Most human forms made of grass are termed or tagged as scarecrows on the web (some 20 pages in Google images) However, that does not cover all human forms made of grass. Some end up simply tagged as 'grass people' or ‘grass human’ instead.

image credit: Harnois' Happy Hens

image credit: amys robot