Sunday, January 27, 2008

Participation in a search cliché

So boy this has been done many times. Found a search for racehorse names once for dirty words and lots of interest in pop culture. Registered racehorse names are easily searched from the Jocky Club International Web site. Really all started when it occurred to me that Fire Wall would be an excellent racehorse name than well it became something akin to looking for ones name printed on a coffee mug at Hallmarks.

Could this be Fire Wall?

Computer associated racehorse names:
Interlink (2000)
Internet (1995)
Interpretation (2003)
Apache (2006)
Fire Wall (ARG) (P)
Googleized (2004)
Google Me (2007)
Yahoo (2000)
Server (2005)
Perl Whirl (2004)
Web (2002)
World Wide Web (2005)
Code (2000)
Hacker (1994)

And some other good ones:
Phylogeny (1998)
Habitus (GB) (1974)
Morph (2001)
=Biologie (P)
Biologist (2007)

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