Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evoluion Meeting Video Contest

As part of the first ever Evolution Meeting Video Contest (organized by NESCent) Meditation on Odonata was submitted.

Meditation on Odonata from Irene Moon on Vimeo.

Created with help (and specimens) from the North Carolina State Insect Museum (insectmuseum.org). An informative but strange introduction to the order Odonata. Video created using AfterEffects software, NCSU Insect Museum specimens, and footage from the Sandin Image Processor located at Alfred University. Meditation on Odonata is important for a few reasons personally as we work on digitizing our Odonate collection…discovering all kinds of cool dragonflies that are found in North Carolina as well as georeferencing these specimens. Could this be one way to discover how the landscape has changed from urbanization since dragonflies are typically found and collected around water?

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